It’s 11pm and the last house on your route. The windows are boarded up, the yard is overgrown, but the lights are on and the front door is open… strange place to deliver a pizza. You’re getting soaked from the rain, so you hesitantly step inside the house. You shouldn’t have done that.

Emily Wants to Play is a very unique survival horror game that will have you sweating in fear. You play as an unlucky pizza delivery man who gets trapped in a house by Emily and her dolls. While looking for a way out, you can try to piece together the strange story of Emily, her parents and the dolls. Each hour a new doll will roam around the house with you. Try to avoid them, but if you find yourself face to face with one, play the doll’s game correctly or lose your soul.

Emily Wants to Play is available on:
Steam (PC / Mac / Oculus / HTC Vive)
PlayStation Store (Playstation 4)
Xbox Store (Xbox One)
Apple Store (iOS)
Google Play (Android)